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6 Ways to keep your lipstick on fleek!

Be it red, nude, pink, matte, glossy or even blue! Lipsticks are an important fashion sign off to any woman’s dress code.As minute a factor, one may consider lipsticks to be,they can easily make or mar one’s dressing. They can define the mood and fashion sense of the wearer. Here are 6 ways to keep your lipstick on fleek anytime of the day.

Color contrast with skin

Lip color constrast

Certain colors may accentuate of flatter your skin color. Discover them and apply on.

It is important to apply lip color using a good quality lipstick brush. Brushes help to spread the lipstick evenly making it look smooth and radiant.

Hydrated lips

Keep dry lips hydrated with lip balm and disposable mascara wand. To exfoliate the lips and will take care of flaky lips.

Double shade on lips

Double shade of lipstick could enhance its lusciousness, giving the lip a full effect. A darker shade for outline and lighter one at the center of the lip.

Translucent powder can be used to keep lipstick on for a long while. Holding a single ply tissue over your lips after applying the lipstick, then dabbing a little powder via the tissue paper.

Lip gloss on lipstick

Applying gloss over lipsticks seals the color on lips and will keep it moisturized all through the day. 

Image credits:Pinterest.

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