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African Organic beauty products and their benefits

The crave for organic product has been making waves in the dietary choice of most individuals in recent years. There has been huge a shift in consumption patterns from processed to organic food choices. Same trend fast creeping into beauty products.

Here some African organic( or in some cases almost organic) beauty products and their benefits .

Shea butter

Shea butter is sourced from the seeds of Karite trees .These are found mostly in tropical parts of the world especially in West Africa. Comprises of linoleic acid oleic acid, stearic acid among other elements. Its oily components allows for a wide range of beauty benefits in regards to skin and hair care.

Skin care: Shea butter can be used to restore skin elasticity, treat skin irritations and blemishes, moisturize dry skin, relieves itching, reduces stretch marks, heals and prevents baby rash and works as an anti aging agent for skin.

This wonder organic product from nature also caters to hair care needs in the following way:

Hair care: Shea butter soothes dry and itchy scalps , revitalizes damaged hair, prevents hair loss, treats splits ends and breakage and preserves natural curls.

Palm kernel oil

haute esthetics palm kernel oil

One thing I personally enjoy from this product its soothing effect on my skin. Palm kernel oil is gotten from the kernels of oil palm tree commonly found in West and Central Africa. Skin care: This oil improves skin elasticity, improves even skin tone, has anti aging properties and allows for soft and smooth skin

It contains vitamins A and K

Hair care: It improves hair growth

Coconut oil

coconut oil haute esthetics

It safe to note that this product is one of the most versatile of all organic products in the world! I mean everyone craves the goodness of coconut oil in one way or the other. It has an almost inexhaustible amount of health and diet benefits, we however, will tilt towards the beauty advantages of coconut oil.

Skin care: It helps heal wounds and smoothens scars on the skin, moisturizes and protects skin from insect bites and harmful bacteria

Hair care: Gives moisture to dry scalp, repels lice and dandruff, improves hair growth and gives an health sheen to locks

Beauty is a universal phenomenon and in a sense subject to contextual interpretations. It is reflected in moments and arts; the very core of Haute Esthetics. Haute Esthetics is a feel-good blog that aims at showcasing beauty through fashion, luxe, entertainment, and lifestyle. I am Omo and i am optimally optimistic with a flair for beautiful things.


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