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African Organic products and their benefits- 2


Teeth Whitener: Ironically, black charcoal is one of the most organic teeth whitener in the world! Widely used in rural Africa and now a cash commodity worldwide. It is very effective in expelling tartars and giving the mouth fresh breath.

Skin Care: It Is effective in combating body odours. Activated Charcoal is a good alternative in treatment of acne and pimples. Its soothing effects can relieve discomfort from insect bites, rashes from poison ivy and snake bites.

Chewing sticks

Oral Hygiene and care: Regular use of chewing sticks results in anti-plaque efficacy in individuals. Largely sourced from Neem and Arak miswak sticks. This organic 2 in one brush and paste aids fresh breath, fights tooth decay and cavities.

Onion Juice

Hair care: Onion juice is perfect for hair loss treatment. Organic chemical components of this vegetable juice comprises majorly of sulfur dioxide. When applied on scalp or skin pores, it aids and activates hair growth. Beard gang fellas can also take a cue from this info *winks*

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