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African print Ankara fabric: black heritage beautifully depicted on the stage of international entertainment

Janet Jackson 80’s-90s pop sensation had the video of her recent single ‘Made for now’ released some weeks ago and had the world impressed with everything about it. It turns out that the 52 years old mother of one still has it in her to give an eclectic performance. The song features Pueto Rican singer and songwriter Daddy Yankee making it a rich blend of Spanish rap and contemporary pop.

What really stood out for me in the musical video was the conspicuous use of African print Ankara fabric in costuming the ‘Again’ singer and her dancers. This does not come as a surprise for me, because Janet Jackson, just like her elder brother, late pop legend;  Michael Jackson, has been known to have eccentric taste that promotes black culture and heritage in musical video composition( I still have ‘remember the time’ by Michael Jackson, fondly etched in my mind as sweet memories!) . This eccentricity in taste is seen in Janet’s 1998 hit ‘Together again’ and ‘Gone till it’s gone’, however, this video takes promoting black culture a notch higher by depicting a casual part of African style in fashion.

Beyonce’s 2016 iconic musical video ‘Sorry’ took the world by storm as it blatantly has African print costuming and African inspired accessorizing.

Dance sensation ,Ciara isn’t one that wants to be left out of this trend , this she proves in her recently released single ‘Freek me’ featuring Nigerian songwriter, producer and singer Tekno Miles. Ciara is seen with the perfect African corn rolls as hairstyle and she dons monochromatic African print attire with her dancers donning different patterns of Ankara in their costuming.

Ankara fabric has come of its own, it’s worth embracing and can be anything the wearer wants it to be, it can be regal, formal, casual etc. and due to its versatile nature, it is making waves internationally and now huge fashion phenomenon that talented black American international artist can’t seem to get enough of.


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