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August 2020: Fashion trends so far

So its the eight month of the

year 2020 and all that comes to mind is how blessed to have made it this far. With the compulsory COVID 19 lockdown a vast number of our favorite outfits have had a long chance to breathe in our closets for a minimum of at least 3 months!

However , fashion trends still have a way of being obvious despite the occurrence of a global pandemic.

Haute Aesthetics will be exploring 7 fashion trends makings waves so far this year.

The Mask

I bet no one saw this coming, that someday wearing a face mask will be an essential part of dressing but here it is. While masking ones face is a precautionary measure to curb the spread of COVID 19, true fashionistas have owned the health paraphernalia making it a fashion statement. Talk about when life gives you lemons….


A trend that started sometime in late 2019 is ruling predominantly in the Nigerian fashion sphere. It has been fused into regular lace and ankara aso ebi styles which sits well on the curvy African woman. Giving her form a firm and chic effect.


Some ladies would rather opt for a bolder avatar while donning blazers, jackets , blazer dresses etc. wearing only invincible bras or tape bras underneath their jackets to keep cleavage in tact. However more ladies are tilting towards using bralettes . This seems to be a safer and more comfortable option for pulling the blazer look off well.

Thigh high slits

This fashion trend is a win win for most ladies. In the form of donning a floor length dress ( in most cases) and still being able to show off leggy skin.

Tie shoulders

These stealthily have crept into 2020 fashion space , effortlessly making their presence felt subtly in various apparel designs


Frills have come to stay period! can i hear an amen? These have been depicted in almost any style and for every occasion. They effortlessly make a classy fashion statement.

Bermuda shorts

Breezy slip easy feature of this fashion piece is what a lot of people can’t get enough of. It can be style in various ways , simply put, a pair of bermuda shorts is what its wearer makes of it.

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