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Bridal dresses for nonconforming brides

Wedding dresses have a subtle way of setting the tone of a wedding ceremony for obvious reasons; the wedding is generically known as the bride’s day. The bride, to a large extent is a major focal point for the curious admiring eyes of guests and well wishers. Onus falls on the bride to bring her best look for the happiest day of her life.

Most brides opt for traditional white dress with little or no changes to styles that have been worn before, others want something different but can not access them (‘erm’ i speak for those who go shop for or rent wedding dresses at Lagos Island)

However look no further, below are some style inspiration for the nonconforming bride who aims to make a simple elegant statement on the happiest day of her life.

The Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are a staple in a regular fashionista’s wardrobe. They come as corporate, funky outfits and have been inculcated into a swanky bridal outfit for brides.

Couture by Tabik bridal Jumpsuit

This beautiful silk and lace jumpsuit by Nigerian Bridal Couture designer Couture by Tabik is all things love! It has a firm but soft finality to it which makes it an ideal outfit for a civil wedding.

Couture by Tabik bridal Jumpsuit
Imad Eduso Bridal Jumpsuit

Nigerian designer Imad Eduso is known for her simple yet sophisticated designs on major runway events, has crafted this ethereal bridal jumpsuit with sheer cape.

Jumpsuit by Made Pieces Tailoring

Creatively crafted by Nigerian brand Made Pieces Tailoring

Straight Dresses

A pleasant far cry from regular ballgowns, fish dresses or A line bridal dresses. Straight bridal dresses are a treat to the eyes.

Dress by Imad Eduso

Another beautiful number by Imad Eduso.

Stylistic puff sleeves, a corset, low boxed shaped neckline and a slit makes for a statement bridal dress. Period!

Fish tail dress

Dress by Pitis
Dress by Pitis

Both fishtail dresses by Ghanaian Bridal designer do not conform to regular fishtail dresses. Both dresses have been redefined by cut and design.

Dress by Imad Eduso

Image credits: INSTAGRAM.

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