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Ditching the ‘our wife’ scam for good!

Standing by the window and watching little drops of rainfalls cascade through the glass was somewhat soothing . A sharp contrast to the turmoil and sense of worthlessness she had felt for a couple of years in an abusive relationship.

Its been almost seven days she had taken a much needed leave from her job to do do some soul searching and realign her purpose in life. So far its been peaceful but she can feel her heartbeat in spasmatic rhythm of inspiration. Resolving to do better in life, to be the best version of herself, come matrimony or not.

Looking back, she saw where it started. An insatiable need to be appreciated drove her to an abysmal depth of negative self worth. From seeking validation from parents who constantly pitted her against peers and siblings, to teachers, friends and until two weeks ago, her would be sister- in-laws or (in this case) ‘slave drivers’.

To be continued…

Simple complexities, a cool oxymoron and works perfectly in describing me and all that i stand for. I mean, what's life without striking the right balance in every given extremes - R. Nikko


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