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Fashion inspired by food is what Katy Perry’s ‘The Geli’ is about

International musical Icon Katy Perry is now a part of the bandwagon of entertainers becoming fashion entrepreneurs. What’s more she has innovatively brought 2 human needs i.e food and fashion and fused them into something trendy and functional: The Geli fruit scented jelly sandals. Ideal as a beach accessory, perfect for tropical climate and will serve well as the rains commence in these parts of the world.

image credits: Pinkvilla.com

These sets of brightly colored sandals come in green (lime scented), red (strawberry scented), white (cherry scented), pink (watermelon scented), and orange (peach scented), and yellow (lemon scented) and definitely smell like the fruits depicted next to each toe. They cost $49 dollars each and can serve as an easy go-to for preventing foot smell (just saying, lol!)

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