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Home DIY ways to even an uneven skin tone

An uneven skin tone can be a source of worry for the best of us. The phrase beauty is skin deep may sound superficial but in reality, it is a confirmed fact. Having naturally even beautiful skin tone may sometimes be overlooked as normal by some . However to others it is very painstaking and expensive to achieve.

Here some sure ways to to even an uneven skin tone from the comforts of one home.

Stay hydrated with water


The importance of water in achieving hydrated skin and even skin tone cannot be overemphasized. As simple as the act of drinking water regularly is, its benefits on the skin and total well being of an individual is limitless. Drink up 1 liter of water a day and the resultant effect will be an even , healthy and hydrated skin

Orange and tumeric

Turmeric powder and Orange juice paste

Apply a mixture of 1 tablespoon of orange juice and 1 teaspoon of turmeric on your skin can effect an almost magical change! Turmeric for ages is known for its skin-lightening effects while orange juice has toning properties that reduce blemishes barest minimum. Making for an enviable skin glow. For best results, apply on skin and leave it for 10-12 minutes before washing off with cold water.

Egg whites and avocado

Avocado and egg white paste

 Avocado and egg white is a perfect combo for oily/acne prone/combination skin. While avocado hydrates, nourishes and moisturizes skin, egg white tightens pores, has oil control action and lifts up sagging skin. Let’s take a closer look at why avocado and egg white are great for skin:

Lactose to the rescue!

Powder milk paste

A good number of vegetarians and fitness buff avoid full cream powder milk. Well, run no more as it can be of good benefit to the skin, ask Queen Cleopatra, one of her beauty regime was bathing with milk! Full cream powdered milk has lactic acid which can result to a brightening effect on the skin. Combining it with a little orange juice makes for an effective skin evening paste. Rinse it with warm water after 15 minutes after applying it.

Brown skin girl

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