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How safe is that ‘organic’ beauty product?

The rave for organic, less or no processed diet has come to stay and most can testify to its health benefits to the human body. This is fast extending to beauty products as most beauty inclined people are tilting towards having organic facials, soaps, oils and what not.

There seem to be a boost in demand for organic products, however, how organic are these products? How safe and effective is that non processed facial scrub or wash?

It’s been proven overtime that a good balanced diet, exercise, rest and water is key to skin deep beauty. If one is to take this further, doing researches and sorting out natural ingredients for beauty routines is one way to go about ensuring the use of natural ingredients.

For instance, eggs are naturally filled with nutrients, they naturally provide many essential nutrients, such as Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, biotin, iodine, calcium, selenium, choline, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and protein. Having seen the benefits of this natural ingredient, it is worth questioning which of the nutrients found in eggs will be beneficial to my beauty skin routine and in what quantity? What is its shelf life?

Simply put, organic beauty products are meant to be food to enhance the beauty of skin and hair. That a product has natural ingredients does not necessarily mean it is 100% organic. So many have the illusions that if a product is labelled as one having organic ingredients, they assume its safe without checking to see its specific ingredients.

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Here some guidelines in choosing organic product for beauty routines

  • Products is best used  within 3-6 months of production
  • Avoid anything product that has ingredients that end with ‘nth’, According to the research, any product that end with “eth” such as sodium laureth sulphate, myreth are positive for 1.4-Dioxane which can cause cancer
  • Store properly
  • Be specifically wary of ingredients, do not shrug off incomprehensible use of a product’s ingredient

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