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    Loofah Gourd: The Non Loafing Gift of Nature

    Loofah, also known as Loofah Gourd or by its botanical name Luffa Cylindrica is one plant that has proven to be one non loafing gift of nature with its wide range of beauty, medicinal and domestic uses. Every part of this seemingly redundant coarse plant is beneficial for human use. The rejuvenating components of Luffa cylindrica in powder form has been used widely in China to improve wrinkle conditions and facial discoloration. When processed as a sponge, it exfoliates and polishes the skin. It also allows for smooth blood circulation during and after a bath with it. Loofah gourd charcoal is renown for treating shingles on the face and eyes.…

  • Beauty and Nature's goody bag

    Skin fast for organic skin rejuvenation

    Skin. Largest organ of the human body. A part of the body that has a succinct way of depicting one’s well being. Whether malnourished, ill, stressed or even in love!, the skin has a way of showing it. Health conscious people hardly fuss about their dermal organ because their lifestyle oftentimes reflects a healthy skin, however , a beauty conscious individual goes all out to ensure dermal perfection. Beauty industries worldwide is saturated with loads of products and regimens that one is spoil for choice at settling for a particular brand or skin routine. Overtime there has been innovations in skin therapy and treatment. Some stressful or bizarre ( ‘erm’…

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    How safe is that ‘organic’ beauty product?

    The rave for organic, less or no processed diet has come to stay and most can testify to its health benefits to the human body. This is fast extending to beauty products as most beauty inclined people are tilting towards having organic facials, soaps, oils and what not. There seem to be a boost in demand for organic products, however, how organic are these products? How safe and effective is that non processed facial scrub or wash? It’s been proven overtime that a good balanced diet, exercise, rest and water is key to skin deep beauty. If one is to take this further, doing researches and sorting out natural ingredients…

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    Beauty and Nature's goody bag,  Style and living

    Home DIY ways to even an uneven skin tone

    An uneven skin tone can be a source of worry for the best of us. The phrase beauty is skin deep may sound superficial but in reality, it is a confirmed fact. Having naturally even beautiful skin tone may sometimes be overlooked as normal by some . However to others it is very painstaking and expensive to achieve. Here some sure ways to to even an uneven skin tone from the comforts of one home. Water The importance of water in achieving hydrated skin and even skin tone cannot be overemphasized. As simple as the act of drinking water regularly is, its benefits on the skin and total well being…

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    8 African Print Swimwear ideas for His and Hers!

    Its weekend again. A time to unwind from the hustles, bustles and sometimes hassles of living with the tropical weather in Africa. The rains have a taken a break and we got a blazing high degree of heat in its place! What better time than now is it to bask in the sun? Enjoy leisure time,dressed in style with loved friends and loved ones in swimming pools and beaches. African print fabrics are ergonomically being used for any and every kind of apparel. It is no longer an exception to see African print lingerie and swimwear. Designers like Andrea Iyamah, Buki Ade ,others etc. have revolutionized swimwear with Ankara Fabrics…

  • Beauty and Nature's goody bag,  Style and living

    Overlooked Seeds filled with health and Nutritional benefits.

    Some fruit seeds most times are considered part of a plant that is not edible. They are oftentimes considered as part of plants to be cultivated to yield more fruits for the next harvest. As true that is for a farmer, non farming individuals just discard them as waste. However, just as fruits are nutritious to the body, these seeds are too and in some cases, have more health benefits than their host fruits! Guava Seeds     Good source of Fiber Guava seeds adds additional fiber on top of the fiber that is already found on the flesh of the fruit. Aids weight loss The seeds also contain a high…

  • Beauty and Nature's goody bag,  Meet their style,  Style and living

    6 Ways to Getting right with eyeliners.

    Using eyeliners can be a tad bit tricky at times, trust me the struggle is real. Eyeliners whether liquid or matte can make or mar a perfectly done make up. They seem quite minimal but they oftentimes are the cherry on top in one’s beauty routine. When done wrongly it can have an adverse effect on our facial look, hence mastering its usage is expedient. The advent of liquid and oily eyeliners such as kajal has been a huge blessing to beauty industries globally. This make up staple can be easily found in most ladies make up collection; from rookie to pro all seem to have unanimous understanding with these…

  • Beauty and Nature's goody bag,  Style and living

    African Organic products and their benefits- 2

    Charcoal Teeth Whitener: Ironically, black charcoal is one of the most organic teeth whitener in the world! Widely used in rural Africa and now a cash commodity worldwide. It is very effective in expelling tartars and giving the mouth fresh breath. Skin Care: It Is effective in combating body odours. Activated Charcoal is a good alternative in treatment of acne and pimples. Its soothing effects can relieve discomfort from insect bites, rashes from poison ivy and snake bites. Chewing sticks Oral Hygiene and care: Regular use of chewing sticks results in anti-plaque efficacy in individuals. Largely sourced from Neem and Arak miswak sticks. This organic 2 in one brush and…

  • Beauty and Nature's goody bag,  Style and living

    African Organic beauty products and their benefits

    The crave for organic product has been making waves in the dietary choice of most individuals in recent years. There has been huge a shift in consumption patterns from processed to organic food choices. Same trend fast creeping into beauty products. Here some African organic( or in some cases almost organic) beauty products and their benefits . Shea butter Shea butter is sourced from the seeds of Karite trees .These are found mostly in tropical parts of the world especially in West Africa. Comprises of linoleic acid oleic acid, stearic acid among other elements. Its oily components allows for a wide range of beauty benefits in regards to skin and…

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