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    Bridal dresses for nonconforming brides

    Wedding dresses have a subtle way of setting the tone of a wedding ceremony for obvious reasons; the wedding is generically known as the bride’s day. The bride, to a large extent is a major focal point for the curious admiring eyes of guests and well wishers. Onus falls on the bride to bring her best look for the happiest day of her life. Most brides opt for traditional white dress with little or no changes to styles that have been worn before, others want something different but can not access them (‘erm’ i speak for those who go shop for or rent wedding dresses at Lagos Island) However look…

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    Loofah Gourd: The Non Loafing Gift of Nature

    Loofah, also known as Loofah Gourd or by its botanical name Luffa Cylindrica is one plant that has proven to be one non loafing gift of nature with its wide range of beauty, medicinal and domestic uses. Every part of this seemingly redundant coarse plant is beneficial for human use. The rejuvenating components of Luffa cylindrica in powder form has been used widely in China to improve wrinkle conditions and facial discoloration. When processed as a sponge, it exfoliates and polishes the skin. It also allows for smooth blood circulation during and after a bath with it. Loofah gourd charcoal is renown for treating shingles on the face and eyes.…

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    August 2020: Fashion trends so far

    So its the eight month of the year 2020 and all that comes to mind is how blessed to have made it this far. With the compulsory COVID 19 lockdown a vast number of our favorite outfits have had a long chance to breathe in our closets for a minimum of at least 3 months! However , fashion trends still have a way of being obvious despite the occurrence of a global pandemic. Haute Aesthetics will be exploring 7 fashion trends makings waves so far this year. The Mask I bet no one saw this coming, that someday wearing a face mask will be an essential part of dressing but…

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    Much Ado about a certain 200 bride maids!

    Renown event planner Sandra Ikeji did what every event planner aims at achieving in an event at her own wedding last weekend. Some may ask; ‘what might that be?’ The answer is ; creating a memorable experience that is laced with novelty. Sister to renown blogger Linda Ikeji, did this by having 200 brides maid at her wedding !Getting 200 brides maid for one’s wedding is no mean feat, it takes a great deal of dedicated planning. Sandra’s ground breaking bridal train is Guinness world book of records worthy, However it has unfortunately met with a lot of flak from online trolls. See below Everyone has a different outlook on…

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    Hmm,This thing called Christmas!

    So its been quite a while this space has had any activity on it and we are so sorry about it. Also it happens to be the most celebrated season in the history of man. Yeah, you got that right it is Yuletide! A time of fun, love,giving and everything Christmas comes with. It is the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ but apparently the season means different things for different people. Here are some popular evidences of Christmas in Nigeria. Shopping for any and everything Shoppers shop for anything, even things they would not ordinarily need and buyers are more than willing to sell at exorbitant prices! Excited kids just…

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    1st Edition of JAC Abeokuta race gets Royal blessings

    His royal Highness, Alake of Egba land has given his blessings to the maiden edition of Abeokuta Marathon race. This came to being when organizer, Nilayo Sports Management and JAC motors, major sponsor of the race paid him a courtesy visit in palace in Ake, recently. Head honcho of Nilayo Sports Management, Bukola Olopade and his team met a warm reception from the dignified monarch who showed his unreserved support to the event. The Rock city of Abeokuta will play host to over 5000 sports enthusiasts on November 2 with the JAC motors Abeokuta 10km race. Winners in the male and female categories of the race will be rewarded with…

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    African print designed by French worn by Indian is all shades of Iconic!

    It’s been a fun but hectic kind of day in Lagos and scrolling my device i discovered an Iconic picture on Instagram. The sheer pleasure of seeing an Indian dressed in Ankara designed by French is my definition of Iconic. Popular Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone recently uploaded photos from a Dior photo shoot and we can’t help but stan! She donned an Ankara print dress by from Dior’s SS20 collection. The dress, sparsely accessorized with a brown trench coat reiterates the phrase ‘less is more’. Check out some pictures of it Image credits: IG

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    Home DIY ways to even an uneven skin tone

    An uneven skin tone can be a source of worry for the best of us. The phrase beauty is skin deep may sound superficial but in reality, it is a confirmed fact. Having naturally even beautiful skin tone may sometimes be overlooked as normal by some . However to others it is very painstaking and expensive to achieve. Here some sure ways to to even an uneven skin tone from the comforts of one home. Water The importance of water in achieving hydrated skin and even skin tone cannot be overemphasized. As simple as the act of drinking water regularly is, its benefits on the skin and total well being…

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    Raising creativity quotient with statement earrings

    Earrings have a way of of stamping a kind of style to one’s dress sense. No matter how small or seemingly minute the details of these accessories may appear. They are oftentimes the ‘cherry on the cake’ for most fashion conscious people. However, there some earrings one cannot help but take note of. These are statement earrings. Like the name implies, they make fashionable statements about the style grooming of an individual. One rule to it , is simplicity. Do not over accessorize with other pieces of jewelries. Here some style inspiration on how to make the best use of statement earrings in any occasion. Prim and Proper This turtle…

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