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Loofah Gourd: The Non Loafing Gift of Nature

Loofah, also known as Loofah Gourd or by its botanical name Luffa Cylindrica is one plant that has proven to be one non loafing gift of nature with its wide range of beauty, medicinal and domestic uses.

Every part of this seemingly redundant coarse plant is beneficial for human use.

The rejuvenating components of Luffa cylindrica in powder form has been used widely in China to improve wrinkle conditions and facial discoloration.

Loofah Powder

When processed as a sponge, it exfoliates and polishes the skin. It also allows for smooth blood circulation during and after a bath with it.

Loofah gourd charcoal is renown for treating shingles on the face and eyes.

Loofah Charcoal

Boiled loofah gourd can be used to restore absent menstrual flow and help increase milk flow in lactating mothers. It can also be used for relief of chest , muscles and joint pains.

Boiled Loofah and tomato soup

Loofah bio gradable charcoal bricks are now a thing in the construction industry. The brick’s structural nature is due to the loofah’s fibrous network. the composition of this element provides strength, the appropriate flexibility and ensures a high porosity in the brick. Loofah pores provide anchorage for plants and act as thousands of tiny water tanks reducing the temperature of the brick, therefore cooling the environment while being structural enough for construction

Loofah and charcoal bio gradable bricks

Loofah gourd sponge can also be a household staple for scrubbing and keeping surfaces clean.

So for organic inclined individuals this plant can be the best thing ever! i mean how much can one get closer to nature?

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