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Mixed ethnic beauty brand ambassadors, in hopes of societal balance or a business strategy?

‘Beauty is skin deep’ as the popular saying goes and in true testament to the saying, beauty products are about acknowledging and enhancing  the aesthetic value of various skin tones. The world globe has a plethora of skin tones from each part and most luxury beauty lines astutely create products to accommodate women of every skin tone.

  We however cannot shy away from two extreme conformity of all skin tones through which all other skin tones are classified is the black (African) and white (Caucasian), others are in between.

Recently cosmetics lines appear to strategically blur the lines of both extremes in their choice of brand ambassadorial endorsement and leaves one to wonder what the deal is actually. Is the measure in a bid to enhance societal balance in world full of diversity or an astute business strategy to cut across target audience of different ethnicity?

Renowned and international beauty brand Lancôme announced Zendaya Coleman as it new face of on February 22, 2019 and while loving the fact that a non-conforming, talented and eccentric beauty as hers is brand ambassador for the line, it is noteworthy that the choice is astute as the 22 years old actor is visibly neither black nor white but of mixed ethnicity that appeals to both extremes.

Zendaya Coleman
(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images )

While relishing and pondering at Lancôme’s choice, Yara Shahid gets named the new face of Bobbi Brown cosmetics on February 6, 2019 another brand ambassador with mixed ethnicity.

Yara Shahidi

Speculations may be rife as to why these choices are being made by these gigantic beauty brands, it is however certain that the brand campaign measures is breaking barriers and connecting to more women irrespective of ethnicity.  

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