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Much Ado about a certain 200 bride maids!

Renown event planner Sandra Ikeji did what every event planner aims at achieving in an event at her own wedding last weekend. Some may ask; ‘what might that be?’ The answer is ; creating a memorable experience that is laced with novelty.

Sister to renown blogger Linda Ikeji, did this by having 200 brides maid at her wedding !Getting 200 brides maid for one’s wedding is no mean feat, it takes a great deal of dedicated planning.

Sandra in her element with her 200 brides maids

Sandra’s ground breaking bridal train is Guinness world book of records worthy, However it has unfortunately met with a lot of flak from online trolls. See below

Sis sorry we like them like that
how’s this anyone’s business?
Say what??????????!

Everyone has a different outlook on what’s best and ideal for their big day. Some would rather have an intimate ceremony others a flamboyant one and in this case the bride set out to have a ground breaking ceremony.

It’s her call and she went for it, how ever she decided to go about it, should not be a source of any further ado.

looks like elegant bliss

Here’s wishing the newlyweds a happy married life!

Image credits: www.withinnigeria.com and wotzup.ng

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