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    1st Edition of JAC Abeokuta race gets Royal blessings

    His royal Highness, Alake of Egba land has given his blessings to the maiden edition of Abeokuta Marathon race. This came to being when organizer, Nilayo Sports Management and JAC motors, major sponsor of the race paid him a courtesy visit in palace in Ake, recently. Head honcho of Nilayo Sports Management, Bukola Olopade and his team met a warm reception from the dignified monarch who showed his unreserved support to the event. The Rock city of Abeokuta will play host to over 5000 sports enthusiasts on November 2 with the JAC motors Abeokuta 10km race. Winners in the male and female categories of the race will be rewarded with…

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    African print designed by French worn by Indian is all shades of Iconic!

    It’s been a fun but hectic kind of day in Lagos and scrolling my device i discovered an Iconic picture on Instagram. The sheer pleasure of seeing an Indian dressed in Ankara designed by French is my definition of Iconic. Popular Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone recently uploaded photos from a Dior photo shoot and we can’t help but stan! She donned an Ankara print dress by from Dior’s SS20 collection. The dress, sparsely accessorized with a brown trench coat reiterates the phrase ‘less is more’. Check out some pictures of it Image credits: IG

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    Home DIY ways to even an uneven skin tone

    An uneven skin tone can be a source of worry for the best of us. The phrase beauty is skin deep may sound superficial but in reality, it is a confirmed fact. Having naturally even beautiful skin tone may sometimes be overlooked as normal by some . However to others it is very painstaking and expensive to achieve. Here some sure ways to to even an uneven skin tone from the comforts of one home. Water The importance of water in achieving hydrated skin and even skin tone cannot be overemphasized. As simple as the act of drinking water regularly is, its benefits on the skin and total well being…

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    Raising creativity quotient with statement earrings

    Earrings have a way of of stamping a kind of style to one’s dress sense. No matter how small or seemingly minute the details of these accessories may appear. They are oftentimes the ‘cherry on the cake’ for most fashion conscious people. However, there some earrings one cannot help but take note of. These are statement earrings. Like the name implies, they make fashionable statements about the style grooming of an individual. One rule to it , is simplicity. Do not over accessorize with other pieces of jewelries. Here some style inspiration on how to make the best use of statement earrings in any occasion. Prim and Proper This turtle…

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    6 Ways to keep your lipstick on fleek!

    Be it red, nude, pink, matte, glossy or even blue! Lipsticks are an important fashion sign off to any woman’s dress code.As minute a factor, one may consider lipsticks to be,they can easily make or mar one’s dressing. They can define the mood and fashion sense of the wearer. Here are 6 ways to keep your lipstick on fleek anytime of the day. Color contrast with skin Certain colors may accentuate of flatter your skin color. Discover them and apply on. It is important to apply lip color using a good quality lipstick brush. Brushes help to spread the lipstick evenly making it look smooth and radiant. Keep dry lips…

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    8 African Print Swimwear ideas for His and Hers!

    Its weekend again. A time to unwind from the hustles, bustles and sometimes hassles of living with the tropical weather in Africa. The rains have a taken a break and we got a blazing high degree of heat in its place! What better time than now is it to bask in the sun? Enjoy leisure time,dressed in style with loved friends and loved ones in swimming pools and beaches. African print fabrics are ergonomically being used for any and every kind of apparel. It is no longer an exception to see African print lingerie and swimwear. Designers like Andrea Iyamah, Buki Ade ,others etc. have revolutionized swimwear with Ankara Fabrics…

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    Gabriel Union partners with New York & Company to launch Fall Collection

    New York and Company, a fashion brand known for its signature work wear brands, partners with the Hollywood actor a second time. This time the fall collection centers on chic and comfortable day to day outfits. The collection is a fine combination of monochromes, pastels and colorful patterns.Check out some of our favorite pieces form it.

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    The Set Up movie review: Suspense just got a new definition!

    If one were to go by the trailer of this movie, it will not be out of place to expect it to be full of superficial gun blazing and fight scenes all geared towards ‘women empowerment’. However, The Set Up is a positive far cry from that, it is a suspense filled movie with a compelling story that leaves one craving for more. What works The Cast: The entire cast of this movie played their role to the letter.It was a treat fore sore eyes to see Adesua Etomi-Wellington’s character Chike play a rebel who lived life in her own terms and is willing to sacrifice anything for anyone she…

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    Eid Special: 6 Abaya looks we really dig!

    Abayas are easily a comfortable choice of apparel, especially when one needs to feel free and flow. One may agree that some days one just want to be free of the hassle of tucking or clipping our clothes to fit. Sometimes the thrill of putting on body fitting, a little skin showy or street casual clothes can be a bit tedious. Abayas come in handy for days like these. They exude a regal feminine vibe that makes the wearer look chic and classy. Here 6 abaya looks we really dig. Flow with Flowery The charm of this abaya is its flowery pattern giving the wearer a sweet feminine allure. Strike…

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    Overlooked Seeds filled with health and Nutritional benefits.

    Some fruit seeds most times are considered part of a plant that is not edible. They are oftentimes considered as part of plants to be cultivated to yield more fruits for the next harvest. As true that is for a farmer, non farming individuals just discard them as waste. However, just as fruits are nutritious to the body, these seeds are too and in some cases, have more health benefits than their host fruits! Guava Seeds     Good source of Fiber Guava seeds adds additional fiber on top of the fiber that is already found on the flesh of the fruit. Aids weight loss The seeds also contain a high…

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