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itching scalp
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Pretty hurts? Beauty discomforts experienced by women.

I love women and all good things they represent in a society. Imagine a world without women? Yeah, i agree with you that the world will be bland with females.

Popular quote states ; ‘its a man’s world’ (i mean obviously it is) however i’d tilt a little to beyonce’s opinion of ‘girls running the world’ (where are my feminists in the house? please stand up! lol)

Women are nurturers, they put in much effort in nurturing their off springs,men, family and themselves. It is an innate quality that can not be taken away from them.

Most stylish women are such beautiful complexities and i adore them for that simple fact. They make huge grooming and beauty effort look seamless.

Here some beauty discomforts they experience in a bid to look good


Wigs are a handy and an easy style staple for a woman’s wardrobe but its also a big relief to them when they take it off

Braids and Cornrows

The heaviness of braids and cornrows cannot be over emphasized. There’s an hundred per cent chance women suffer head aches from these at the early days of styling.

Itching scalp from weaves, braids and cornrows

False eyelashes

I can’t begin to imagine the discomforts that come with inserting or removing these.

Artificial nails

These cute beauty paraphernalia leads to them to a state of temporary handicap as writing, typing , cooking etc even eating! becomes an issue with these on.


This is one item of clothing ladies are often enthusiastic to take off.

High heels

All i can say about these is Kudos ladies! lols

Corset/Waist trainer

The struggle with discomfort here is real!

Image credits: giphy.com and tenor.com

Life is beautiful! and style is key ingredient to living one's true purpose in life. I would be in the space to give fresh and haute takes to issues on style, society and emotions. Jump in! its gonna be F U N. I am George debarge, Naija born but citizen of the world.


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