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Raising creativity quotient with statement earrings

Earrings have a way of of stamping a kind of style to one’s dress sense. No matter how small or seemingly minute the details of these accessories may appear. They are oftentimes the ‘cherry on the cake’ for most fashion conscious people.

However, there some earrings one cannot help but take note of. These are statement earrings. Like the name implies, they make fashionable statements about the style grooming of an individual.

One rule to it , is simplicity. Do not over accessorize with other pieces of jewelries.

Here some style inspiration on how to make the best use of statement earrings in any occasion.

Prim and Proper

This turtle neck top worn by Zendaya is stereotype for prim and proper dressers, who sometimes maybe termed boring. These earrings accentuates her looks by her look chic.

Prim and Proper

The minimal make up , urban denim combo and cross statement earrings here is simply wow!


Beyonce is the definition of elegance in this iconic burn hairdo and lovely chandelier earrings.


Lupita’s earrings here reaffirms the chicness of this outfit.


‘Fros and statement earrings are also a nice combination.

Flowing with fros

image credits: getty images

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