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Skin fast for organic skin rejuvenation

Skin. Largest organ of the human body. A part of the body that has a succinct way of depicting one’s well being. Whether malnourished, ill, stressed or even in love!, the skin has a way of showing it. Health conscious people hardly fuss about their dermal organ because their lifestyle oftentimes reflects a healthy skin, however , a beauty conscious individual goes all out to ensure dermal perfection.

Beauty industries worldwide is saturated with loads of products and regimens that one is spoil for choice at settling for a particular brand or skin routine.

Overtime there has been innovations in skin therapy and treatment. Some stressful or bizarre ( ‘erm’ i am not a fan of leech therapy , thank you!) which oftentimes give desired results.

Skin fast or detox is one simple technique for skin care that is easily overlooked for its lack of complexities. The process entails partially or completely foregoing one’s regimen to allow the skin breath for a period of time. This allows for it to naturally cleanse and rejuvenate itself. Thereby allowing it return to its natural homeostasis.

Beauty is Skin deep!

While some claim to have to have found absolute skin fasting helpful, ( i.e. abstaining from every product even soaps but the use of water) others take solace in observing a partial one ( i.e. minimizing the use of products on skin) for desired results.

Just as human physical features differ, so do our dermal make up also. Hence , there is no rule of thumb as to what type of skin fast is suitable for anyone. However, there just might be a whole lot of benefits, if one applies the principle of ‘less is more’ for a couple of days or one week every three months for organic dermal rejuvenation.

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