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    Loofah Gourd: The Non Loafing Gift of Nature

    Loofah, also known as Loofah Gourd or by its botanical name Luffa Cylindrica is one plant that has proven to be one non loafing gift of nature with its wide range of beauty, medicinal and domestic uses. Every part of this seemingly redundant coarse plant is beneficial for human use. The rejuvenating components of Luffa cylindrica in powder form has been used widely in China to improve wrinkle conditions and facial discoloration. When processed as a sponge, it exfoliates and polishes the skin. It also allows for smooth blood circulation during and after a bath with it. Loofah gourd charcoal is renown for treating shingles on the face and eyes.…

  • Beauty and Nature's goody bag,  For the love of lux!

    How safe is that ‘organic’ beauty product?

    The rave for organic, less or no processed diet has come to stay and most can testify to its health benefits to the human body. This is fast extending to beauty products as most beauty inclined people are tilting towards having organic facials, soaps, oils and what not. There seem to be a boost in demand for organic products, however, how organic are these products? How safe and effective is that non processed facial scrub or wash? It’s been proven overtime that a good balanced diet, exercise, rest and water is key to skin deep beauty. If one is to take this further, doing researches and sorting out natural ingredients…

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