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    August 2020: Fashion trends so far

    So its the eight month of the year 2020 and all that comes to mind is how blessed to have made it this far. With the compulsory COVID 19 lockdown a vast number of our favorite outfits have had a long chance to breathe in our closets for a minimum of at least 3 months! However , fashion trends still have a way of being obvious despite the occurrence of a global pandemic. Haute Aesthetics will be exploring 7 fashion trends makings waves so far this year. The Mask I bet no one saw this coming, that someday wearing a face mask will be an essential part of dressing but…

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    Eid Special: 6 Abaya looks we really dig!

    Abayas are easily a comfortable choice of apparel, especially when one needs to feel free and flow. One may agree that some days one just want to be free of the hassle of tucking or clipping our clothes to fit. Sometimes the thrill of putting on body fitting, a little skin showy or street casual clothes can be a bit tedious. Abayas come in handy for days like these. They exude a regal feminine vibe that makes the wearer look chic and classy. Here 6 abaya looks we really dig. Flow with Flowery The charm of this abaya is its flowery pattern giving the wearer a sweet feminine allure. Strike…

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    Lion King: Beyonce’s style statements so far

    The buzz about the new Lion king movie is not dousing any time soon. From the soundtracks of the movie to its premieres, everything seems so buzz worthy! However, what piques our interest is Beyonce’s style statements which seems to channel ‘Nala’ ,princess of the Lion tribe in her upcoming movie Lion king. Knowles Couture choices at red carpet events to the newly released ‘Spirit’ video (a sound track from the movie) depicts Afrocentric elegance at its peak. Check out some pictures from events and ‘Spirit’ video From Spirit Video

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    Pretty hurts? Beauty discomforts experienced by women.

    I love women and all good things they represent in a society. Imagine a world without women? Yeah, i agree with you that the world will be bland with females. Popular quote states ; ‘its a man’s world’ (i mean obviously it is) however i’d tilt a little to beyonce’s opinion of ‘girls running the world’ (where are my feminists in the house? please stand up! lol) Women are nurturers, they put in much effort in nurturing their off springs,men, family and themselves. It is an innate quality that can not be taken away from them. Most stylish women are such beautiful complexities and i adore them for that simple…

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    Style staples for new,lactating and baby fat acquired moms

    I recently got blessed with a handsome nephew from my sister two weeks ago and boy! Seeing his cute features is a source of pure delight to me, my family and of courses his parents. I am in sheer awe of this beautiful cause of nature that enables two lives recreate another life. While a mother’s love for her baby cannot be questioned, sometimes changes resulting from child birth can be a thing of concern to some women and in extreme cases cause postpartum stress. With trending fitness, cosmetic surgical processes and diet fads on the increase, society places new and lactating mothers who have gained baby weight, under pressure…

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    Times Chimamanda Adichie has served us with Afrocentric hair goals!

    Prolific literary Icon Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is known universally for her contribution to modern oral and written literature. She has made so many milestones and is constantly pushing the envelope to gain more grounds. The 41 year old, Enugu born writer is a huge source of inspiration to women of color all over the world as she, though has attained world wide recognition, is very true to her African roots. A trait she unabashedly portrays in her carriage, accent and grooming. Haute Esthetics is awe of her style game and will showcase a few times she has wowed us with pro Nigerian/African hairdos. Image credits : Pinterest

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    Kim Kadashian has a fashion mentor in Naomi Campbell!

    Two celebrities, one a veteran runway model and the other a topmost reality star. The reality TV icon has paid homage to her fashion inspiration at several red carpet events and while she has been cheered on and called out by fans and critics on social media, it is evident that Kim Kadashian West has style reverence for Naomi Campbell in a most flattering manner to the latter.  Haute Esthestics’ take on the topic i.e. Kim copying Naomi, that trended the past weekend on social media platforms is that if it isn’t hurting anyone, why should it be source of unnecessary concern? Its women empowerment month and if one renown…

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