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The Set Up movie review: Suspense just got a new definition!

If one were to go by the trailer of this movie, it will not be out of place to expect it to be full of superficial gun blazing and fight scenes all geared towards ‘women empowerment’. However, The Set Up is a positive far cry from that, it is a suspense filled movie with a compelling story that leaves one craving for more.

What works

The Cast: The entire cast of this movie played their role to the letter.It was a treat fore sore eyes to see Adesua Etomi-Wellington’s character Chike play a rebel who lived life in her own terms and is willing to sacrifice anything for anyone she cares about. Screen chemistry between her character and Kehinde Bankole’s character, Grace is almost tangible!

Jim Iyke keeps setting the bar high as a sleek bad boy and this time with a tinge of manipulation. Joke Silva is prim and proper as usual but veers towards street smart. Tina Mba is impeccable and Dakore Akande is all things love.

The Plot: Its relate-able as it throws light to certain vices in the society and the workings of human nature.


Cinematography, music score, costuming and scene sequences works too.

What doesn’t

Few scenes at the beginning were skeletal, not properly fleshed out and lacking the punch they deserved.


In all The Set Up is a good movie and on a scale of 100 it scores 85. In my opinion, worth seeing more than once.

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